Shoes happen to be my favourite fashion accessory.  A drab dowdy outfit transforms with a crazy pair of brightly coloured high heels.  There are so many types styles and colours available I’m having a really hard time deciding which pair to get next!
Aren’t these just magical?

 Lita- Jeffery Campbell shoes have almost become a fashion cult icon. They are a collectable and a fashion statement.  Also in the mid price range between cheap and Christian Louboutin (where if you don’t have the money to buy it you don’t ask for the price!)

These are delicate and beautiful don’t you think?  Or do I just have magpie sensibilities for all thinks pink and sparkly?  hmm I think I do!
A good pair of shoes can take you places.  Comfortable ones for walking, like my Doc Martins.  well worn in and travelled I think I’ve taken them around the world and back and they’re still in one piece.  They really are a shoe to swear by.   (Wild Pair shoes have the Heel’d Doc Martin in stock!!)
Power dressing?  Haven’t heard of it?  Style and dress is your first impression, if your going to a job interview or meeting new people shoes can say allot about you.  Today I’m wearing black buckled stilettos with a red sole.  The don’t mess with me type of shoe. Suitable for keeping me a head above my class today 
Burlesque heels – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Burlesque dancer with a boring set of shoes.  They’ll match them down to the shade or sparkle.  A high heel gives a girl (or Queen) that fierce strut.  Or biologically altering your hip position to weight forward onto your toes, making you stand up straighter (for balance right?!) and giving you that lovely leg line and perky ass all us Femmy ladies love to have and others love to look at! 
However its not all hearts and roses!
Click to enlarge. (Source: Brenna Maloney, The Washington Post)
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