I must confess my love shoes….!
Kapati Ice Cream is a DELICIOUS New Zealand brand and as a shoe fan, collector, enthusiast I greatly approve of this add!  Very clever and delicious looking.. Although that strange thought of smelly feet and food is a leeeetle weird!
Perfect shoes for a summer picnic!

Pearls! Glamour, class, elegance…. I think I need these, don’t you?

Pin-up, pretty as a picture… I normally wouldn’t include something so peach looking, as a pink-girl, but theses are just CUTE!

Ballet shoes? Impractical, but beautifully sparkly!

I’ve had Bordello’s on my wish list for a while and was thinking of getting some soon but am opting for more ink instead.  I think, that although these look really hard to walk in – the platforms under the toes should prevent that.  Stilts? <3
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