Create Magick is the powerful feminine witch. The girl who started a girl gang (witch coven) working together for the good of her fellow woman, the planet and her self.  She is strong yet gentle.  Her magick is rooted in old traditions of the Wicca past, in the present day focusing on manifestation of magick, freedom and creativity.

Magick is not the illusion of the tv magician.  It is the art and tradition of working in sync with nature, with herself, and others. Respecting the planet, its cycles, flows, harvests and time of darkness and healing. It is setting intentions to achieve a purpose, manifesting amazing experiences she can grow from, taking action and creating change. Practicing rituals of gratefulness, healing and self care she appreciates what she has, shares her abundance with others and deeply cares for her own body, mind and spiritual self.

This Magick is not exclusively female but focusing on those of feminine expression or experience. Creatures of witchy, pagan or holistic bent, Lightworkers.  Creatives looking for freedom, magick looking for expression, people looking for inspiration and connection.  Humans who do or want to love and express themselves more, respect mother earth and are in touch (or learning to be) with their energetic and spiritual selves.

Create magick is a ritual and connection driven experience designed to inspire Creativity and Magick and to facilitate change Freedom and Connection coming from a mythic story telling Tarot point of view. Excitement and colour are essential, without these she feels dull and flat. Overcoming nerves and the fear of criticism, being authentically true to her own version of magick. Focusing the love rituals, self care and creative practices that make the body feel alive, the mind feel on fire with creative energy and the heart warm with gratitude and satisfaction from a life lived wholeheartedly her.