Half the world has won the fight to being open about Sexuallity.

The rest of the world is deemed to be Sexist by the rest of the world.

Why is it right for us in our culture, why is it right for them in there culture?

-Men and women have fought for the right to be able to have a same sex relationship
and not be discriminated against and to have the same civil rights as a opposite sex
-It the right to choose.

-It stems from alot of cultures – Asian, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, African
-Covering of the body
-The right to speak out
-Financial worth
-Political inequallity

This week I had a situation presented to me:

I went to ask a question of someone in a different department at work; a really simple 1 min one. The gentleman happened to be of indian decent, and said to me.

“Please sit down, I’m uncomfortable talking to a standing woman.”

Me: “I respect your culture, but its not like your sitting on the floor and I’m talking down to you.” Which way would you take this and what would you do?

I asked this question to a large group of people to see what the general consensus was. Most of these people are between the ages 18 – 40 mostly European.

Did you ask him to take his turbin off?” Male
Dude thats ridiculous he probably just wanted to try perve down your top… I hate to be racist but it does seem Indian men are pretty dirty generally.Male
Were you taller than him. Maybe is eye level was at you breast level and he was finding it hard to concentrate.Male
Just tell him he is now living in a country where that shit dont apply. If he wants to continue with that then go back to where you came from. This is a free country!!Male
Considering he is living in a free country, he is entitled to ask you anything he likes, just as you are entitled to refuse.Male
Bloody PC bullshit, next women will require consent for sexy time..Male
I dont think he looked down on her as such.. its a cultural thing we just dont understand it because were not part of that culture. At least he said please and let her know why he wanted her to sit down (because it made him uncomfortable). Imagine being in a situation that made you feel uncomfortable – would you ask the other person to do something that could make the situation better? especially as it was as simple as sitting down?Female
Yes… and it is part of their culture that women are inferior to men. Does this make their culture acceptable? No.Male
I can understand it, I just dont agree with applying it to a work enviroment.
If he had said “im not comfortable speaking with a standing person” it would probably be abit more understood, at least by me it would, but she is singled out.
It’s a cultural thing to stone women to death if they have been raped or slept with a man before marriage in some cultures (I use this statement loosely), but that doesn’t make it right. So to be honest I think regardless, as Feminist so it’s her political and personel right to refuse to sit down. Just as it was his right to ask her to sit down for his own personal cultural beliefs. Personally knowing Phloss Id say it would be a big deal for her to sit down because it’s not the action really of sitting down now is it? It’s the principal and your own convictions that you would be sacrificing.Female
this is our country he moved to for a better life. Respect our culture first. Dont move here and try to turn it back into whence he came.Male
I dont condone anything do do with demoralising women (obviously) and if someone asked me to sit down beacuse they wouldnt speak to me otherwise id be offended too
this guys deifnatley going to have to get used to the way things work in our country though Yes next time he says something a woman deems sexist he might get a lot more than the wrath of phloss
Just refuse… and if he makes a big deal out of it THEN report him to HR etc etc…
I tend to ask people to sit down when they come in my studio to talk too… just not in that manner…
Considering that he said “standing Women” you have a right to be pissed. It would it have been different if he said can you please sit down as I am uncomfortable standing and talking.Male
Out of sheer politeness I might have made a compromise in a similiar situation, but it depends on how he asked it. If I chose to sit as requested for the sake of argument, when talking to him, would have conversed in such a way as to convey myself as an equal. Bold eye contact and all of that. At the end of the day, some things aren’t worth making a song and dance about. I guess if it means so much to him that he isn’t “talked down to” by a woman , then making that compromise would be the easiest way to mediate the situation. You know that you aren’t doing it for any reason other than avoiding friction, so don’t let it bother you. Male

I think the general consensus has turned out to be from our point of view:

It’s their culture, but at the same time, if you come to our country you abide by our standards just as we would be expected too if we went over there. But depending on the situation I still am in a quandy as to weather it is any better to do or say something about it or to let it go.

From the other side if I was looking at it from the other side of the looking glass I can also see how they also would be putting their beliefs and culture either asside or sticking to it. How often do we when we enter a country respect and conform to that country’s ethical standards unless it is perilous to our lives if we do not.

Everything is not static, there is not a true measure of the accepted and not accepted globally.
If this were to be the case would it make the world more peaceful?
(I doubt it would.)

Why do we feel threatned when we are not treated equally? No human is equal to another in the experiences we have had and the things are believe.
We are all what we make ourselves to be. We are how ever all equal when stripped down to bare matter. Because one person CHOSES to take himself further, educate his brain, to be different, to be sexaully open, or to be sexualy prudish…

Its what Choices in life that make us different, that make life exciting, that make people want to continue living an exciting adventure!

Sexism is a mind set, Sexuallity is a mind set; both are choices we choose to make on our journey that make us who we are.

I’m gonna continue to research this subjects as I think and post about it. Look out for me.

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