When I first met this young lady I was star struck, I never thought that in a few short years I’d be not only performing with her, but be honoured to call her one of my close friends!  AMAZING… she’s a favourite here and internationally, recently performing with the House of Burlesque in my dream town, Melbourne (more on that is another blog!).  

From performing with the AMAZING Dust Palace, to the Splore festival, Dr Sketchy, Electric Burlesque and the Fringe Festival Mika shows this girl is a force to be reckoned with! A whirlwind in lashes, glitter and lace!

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How long ago did you start producing events?
I started in 2009, when, faced with the prospect of only 2 burlesque promoters in Auckland and a desire to have more shows, pushed my stilettos first into production. Before that I had only graced the stage, not been the one wrangling performers.

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What type of things would you have on a normal “Producer” work day?
Emails… Lots and lots of emails. Wrangling performers, liaising with venue managers and business partners. Promoting the event via various social networks. It’s all very dull and uninteresting to read about. My favourite part is usually the creative process of forming the event. This usually involves boozy lunches andlots of laughter. But still a few emails…

“Producer” covers allot of different jobs that you’d do in the process of putting on an event. 
Can you share your most and least favourite of them all?
Well as stated above, I certainly love the creative part of coming up with the event,figuring out the energy, atmosphere I want to create with the venue. My least favourite part is flyering. Hate it with a passion. But it is a necessary evil.

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever worked on in an organisational sense?
There are two that really spring to mind. The first is of course, my very first show I ever produced. I had a few international burlesque friends in town for another show (one they weren’t being paid for, or paid very little), and the asked me if I would consider putting on a show so they could make some extra money. and after very little rational consideration I agreed to wing it! It was at Pony Club, bottles of champagne were so cheap you could spill an entire bottle and not care, you’d just buy another one! It was a sell out raging success. How I managed it I’ll never know.

My second is the club night I am currently producing with my friend and business partner Barney McDonald, Electrique Burlesque (EB). EB feels very special to me as it is such a unique event in the burlesque social calendar, a night that is both show, club night and sensory overload thanks to some vintage electro-therapy machines we have, kindly provided by Boris Van Galvin. The music is deep-disco electronica, the dancers are wonderfully varied. My job is essentially to find hot, talented, interesting performers, who are capable of producing weird and unusual acts to music chosen by Barney, who is our “in-house” DJ-maestro. So far we’ve had a Vospertron lightsuit robot playboy; a painted lady wash away her sins; aerial chains; a topless, full-busted but still bearded Jesus; a stray cat strip with a well placed cardboard box; and ZOWIE! To name a few.

What have you got coming up that your really looking forward to?  
Feb is an insanely busy month for me this year! I of course have the aforementioned Electrique Burlesque at Cassette 9; a two week season of Salon Mika as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival and Pride Festival; Queerlesque; and the PROUD the Pride Closing Ceremony. I’m going to be living in false eyelashes and rhinestones, and probably end up with permanent corset lacing marks on my back….

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