BRING ON SUMMER TIME!!  June, July and August in the Southern hemisphere are the crux of winter, often cold and wet in the more tropical countries and of course the days are shorter and darker and less sunny.

In many species, activity is diminished during the winter months in response to the reduction in available food and the difficulties of surviving in cold weather. Hibernation is an extreme example, but even species that do not hibernate often exhibit changes in behavior during the winter. It has been argued that SDD is an evolved adaptation in humans that is a variant or remnant of a hibernation response in some remote ancestor…  Yes I may have been hiding under my warm wee rock, but its cosy and safe.  I’ll surface soon

If you do find yourself with the winter blues, here are a few tips that have really helped me in the past month. Transitioning in two months from 37 degrees through to 3 degrees has been a little draining and daunting to lil  ole me who takes a bit to get acclimatized!

Here is no 6 of my easy and super fun things to try out that I’ve LOVED and all my pictures to go with it!

If your not happy – Do something about it

I was having lunch with a new friend this week, sitting looking out on to Brunswick Street talking about life. Otherwise known as randomly talking shit while people watching and indulging in delicious foods!  Fun.  Half  way through the conversation she caught me off guard saying “you seem like a real go-getter”.

I’ve never thought of myself like this, probably because I know how hard it is to motivate myself some days and one can talk all one likes and still struggle to get there.  However your go-getter-ness is all subjective I think, having contemplated it a little more.   It depends on who you surround yourself with and where you want to be or achieve in a certain time period.

I’d say I’m pretty determined to “Be that Someone” and I do have my 2-5-10 year goals all set out. (Which need re-visiting actually) However since coming to Melbourne I’ve really worked hard to surround myself with other high achievers.

Sometimes its AWESOME and motivating to get at it, but sometimes its depressing seeing everyone doing so well, and not think – “Why aren’t I doing that tooooo?”

(Can you hear in your head that silly whiny voice too?)   This is what I try to tell myself!


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