They did say “Welcome to Melbourne” when we were complaining about numb toes!

If you do find yourself with the winter blues, here are a few tips that have really helped me in the past month. Transitioning in two months from 37 degrees through to 3 degrees has been a little draining and daunting to lil  ole me who takes a bit to get acclimatized!  

Here are 8 easy and super fun things to try out that I’ve LOVED and all my pictures to go with it!

Go on an adventure

We’ve family over this weekend from New Zealand so I am super excited to be playing the role of tour guide around Melbourne.  We’ve planned to go back to some of the places we have loved and run around the city to explore some new adventures.

I think the highlight of the weekend will be visiting an Asylum on a ghost tour.  Not the kind you wander around looking at the outside of spooking looking buildings but where you go  in, professional equipment and all!

If you’re feeling in that hideous rut, take a leaf out of my go-getter-book and put that sparkle back in your eye by looking forward to something.  We’ve found googling what to do in an area really highlights a number of things that we wouldn’t have even thought of doing initially.



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