I was talking about this with a friend of mine recently and we having both moved from Auckland to Melbourne have really noticed the slight increase in sunshine hours, especially in winter.

If you do find yourself with the winter blues, here are a few tips that have really helped me in the past month. Transitioning in two months from 37 degrees through to 3 degrees has been a little draining and daunting to lil  ole me who takes a bit to get acclimatized!  They did say “Welcome to Melbourne” when we were complaining about numb toes!

Here is part 2 of my 8 easy and super fun things to try out that I’ve LOVED and all my pictures to go with it!

Keep busy

Occasionally I have a day off mid week which is amazing, however if the weather is a bit dark it is hard not to get caught up in the mood.  Because I’m currently working for myself I have the luxury to work the hours I want, so I have every Wednesday to myself.

Aside from from my ‘bread and butter’ work every Wednesday I schedule in something super exciting! A photo-shoot, or a lunch date to discuss the state of the nation, shopping or going on an adventure somewhere I’d not been before…  I love it and it revitalizes my soul, striding from one thing or place to another on my “day-off” agenda.
I work more on my own business on these days than any other day of the week.


Even if its just a Saturday morning, I honestly recommend it.
Go on! Give it a go! Go out and have fun! I DARE YOU


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