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Magick is around us all the time.  Learning how to manifest the life and things we want, and learn more about ourselves through Magick as a tool is powerful in creating our authentic, and happy dream life.  A life that knows how to handle the up’s and downs, and work through them in a positive and self empowering way.

Tarot Magick

Ever felt like learning Tarot was an impossible task?  Memorising card meanings was taking the Creativity & Magic out of Tarot?  My Tarot Magic course escapes the drag of memorisation and tells a magically creative, holistic story that looks at all aspects of the 22 Major Arcana Cards!

Queer Witch: When things fall apart - Universe Magick

I’m only scared of these things, because they’re the direct opposite of not having certain things or being in a certain space.

I can’t control anything external to me, but I can change how I react to those situations.  That is magick.
That’s magick I want to master.

Creating a photographic Tarot Card series has been the most amazing thing! Sharing, learning and living my Major Arcana Tarot experience. In the Tarot course I’m creating for you guys! Read More…
Sun Tarot Magick

Video, Queer Tarot Cards

The Hierophant card signifies a hunger for knowledge, be it practical or in the Spiritual Realm.
Creating things is my sweet spot. My happy place when I loose hours a day Read more…

The Hierophant: Creating Magick & The Rockwell Project

Tarot Interpretation, Personal Experience

Take a risk and cast loose your old limitation to free your energy and creativity once more.  A new year always brings lots of change in it’s wake.  Read more…
Justice Tarot: My personal experience

Tarot Interpretation, Personal Experience

Create Magick is ritual and connection driven experience to inspire Creativity and Magick & facilitate Freedom and Connection from a mythic Tarot point of view. Read more…
She created freedom with Magick

Magick, Queer Witch


Being the wild rebel that doesn’t care what the world thinks, expressing without limits, without inhibitions. Inspiring magick through creating, moving freely and enjoying the moment.


Humans who do or want to love and express themselves more, respect mother earth and are in touch (or learning to be) with their energetic and spiritual selves.


Participating in a Magick (learning) experience gives her tingles down her spine.  It’s exciting and liberating to involved and manifesting magick in to her real life.
When I started my business I set out with the righteous notion of helping people.  This holidays that changed: “ Florence you don’t know my life, my situation circumstances, financial situation, my culture.  “What gives you the expertise & position to tell me how it goes, how I should run my business or live my life. “

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