So my weekend was the same as usual, busy, fabulous and party on down!

Friday was our local dance music station UPfm’s 6th Birthday! Pretty good for a small local station! It was at a venue I’d never been to before, on account of them only really hosting D&B and Breaks gig’s there! (I’ll be attending more when I can!!) Anyway its was nice, but having had a very stressful week at work I didn’t have the energy to bounce around like a monkey on a pogo stick!

I think I should have in hindsight just gone chilled out to takapuna then gone into town when later!! Would have cost me less in taxi’s!  One does feel fabulous getting dropped off at an event tho!

A big thank you to everyone who came up and told me I should have won a Nite Life Award!! I appreciate the support, but you know, I’m still rather over the moon having got Runner Up! Having something to work towards next year is always a good thing!

I took the video camera and had a play. I’m hoping to have regular Video footage to post up from my weekends on Myspace and on my Website! I’ll be taking it off the camera tonight I hope! I got so much footage of my leg (recording by accident) it wasn’t funny! I’ve a bit of practice to do before I’m gonna be handy with it! I got some great bits tho, music, lighting, funny moments etc. I’m planning on chopping it right up and putting it all on my YouTube.

Sunday = Hot and Humid = not much nipple They needed a little more encouraging! Lol.

And since I didn’t do this last week, (I think) I’ll do it now.

Things I’m Rating right now – What’s Hawt! :

Fudge PaintBox Hair Dye Candy Phloss Pink – made of “Rasberry Beret and Pink Moon”

– Hypnotiq Liqour

-Croissants, with cold chicken and salad! Mmmm ..
Oh Yea!



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