Tainted LOVE….  

My cat, pussy, kitty loves to hide in boxes.  Nothing like a cardboard armour contest at a carnival to bring out the child in me…  Carboard dresses and hazard tape bows…

Moet bottles with dimantes on them,  Ostrich feathers in baby pink, black and hot pink… fishnets and high heels…..  Tall glasses and cocktails…  I love living a romantic life in a mundane and corporately conservative world!

I don’t think I could ever be NOT busy…  the day I do something will have died or broken – like my legs haha. 

I’m loving working out the gym.. trying to keep fit and healthy. 
I’ve joined a troupe called the Vixens, Burlesque troupe, and am learning the craziest routine at the moment..  Janet Jackson… lonley…
Upper body strength isn’t my strong point and I’ve found out I bruise REALLY easily….  At Pole Fitness!
I start practicing today for performing at this:  Girls come along and watch!

ALSO I’m doing a burlesque routines at  an upcoming party called Enlightened.  Its being held at Honey Bar rooftop and Moth Bar.  Two venues I really love!!  Hope you can all come!  I’ve $10 tickets for my friends… WHAT A STEAL…  😉  If you haven’t seen True Burlesque dancing before  I’d love you to come along and enjoy this, as well as all the other amazing entertainment on the night/

Oh and as I wasn’t busy enough, I’m the creative Event Manager for the Hero Party 09!  Its been fun, stressful, exciting, and a major learning curve!   If you’re thinking of coming along and haven’t got your tickets yet, you can buy them online at!

Please do it’s gonna be an amazing party, with a really different flavour and entertainment for everyone!  20th February at the Transmission Room!   Drag shoes, The lesbian break out room, Body Art, Burlesque Dancers, A Dungeon, Band Codine Like Candy, Cindy of Samoa, Babes! Babes!  A.D.A.M, Flick,, Sam Overload, DJ Station and hopefully Michael Patterson Fashion shows – its gonna be amazing!

😀  I love my life..

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