So I always see these outfit / suggestion pictures… I’d love to know the proper name for them tho!  (Edit: “Polyvore”  I found it!!!)  Often they’ll have a complete out fit and then a few accessories or things that match or you might have along with you.  Then underneath where to get / buy everything.

Here is what I have done… This is what I am going to attempt to create… the details of some of the items varies a little but with a little DIY and modification WHY NOT!!  🙂  Then I can re take a picture of each item and repost the image (or easier, wear it all and pose!!) 

What would Miss Phloss wear? 🙂

So I’m not going to include where to get everything cos I didn’t record it initially but next time I do I will definitely –  I’ll be good just in case I want to order one of the items myself!  (which I probably will!)

So here you have – Leather skirt with satin ruffle, long top with chain shoulders (in this outfit worn tucked in) a leather and chain belt, real rock n roll handbag, and a few rings and a bracelet for each arm.  A leopard print bow and shoes top it off completely!!   

Maybe animal print isn’t everyones’ best friend, but I love it.. I’m wearing a v similar outfit today.  Leopard print shoes, and a black dress blouse made by Annah Stretton with a burnt copper and gold ruffle down the front and on the sleeve.  I looked everywhere for a picture on line and had no luck. 
My skirt today is satin with a small ruffle around the bottom.  I’m planning on getting my sewing machine out tonight and making the skirt fit me properly.

I love the skirt in my image above so I’m off to a second hand store after work today to try find a leather skirt myself and then the fabric shop after work!  (if its open later on a Monday) I’ve got new threads and pins… my overlocker works and my lovely mum helped me thread it up – its not so easy with out a manual!!!

So yes… long day at work then HOPEFULLY a fun night tonight of Craft sewing DIY on some awesome on trend fashion with out paying an absolute arm and a leg!


P.s.  polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore polyvore!!

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