Getting out of a big city is the nicest feeling ever.  The air is fresher, the green rolling hills are amazing, there’s no congestion, pedestrian and in New Zealand we’ve lots of wee towns to stop in that are brilliantly quirky.  Perfect timing for me – a week before Fashion Week, a perfectly timed mini holiday!
We went though forests that look like Edward Cullen would dash through them chasing a baseball any second and the most inventive town name.  Bulls!  This bin is “Responsa-Bull”  and my other favourite was their “Consta-Bull”  Isn’t that just too clever?

Foxtown is the cutest little retro city.  In Huntly my picture of the power station was re-tweeted.
And all in all we couldn’t have had better weather!!

Once in Wellington needless to say we had a little to drink, fine dined, posed for touristy photos and bought random things from awesome Cuba Street boutiques! 
We popped into see my best friends from CHECK THEM OUT!!
and then drove all the way back to (the much less cold and windy) Auckland.  
Monday has rolled past and although I’m a little tired from all the travelling it was well worth it and I’m gonna have these memories for a while.    Now on-to planning my next trip once I recover from Fashion Week!
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