Self Care not just Productivity

The past few months have been massive lesson and journey around my self care, creativity and productivity in my work. I’ve had a full plate and so much to enjoy, to do and produce.  I’ve been mentally (and starting to track in an app) my energy levels, and how that relates to what’s happening in my life, and my hormone cycles.  I feel like I’m facing some inner judgement of myself sharing this, as I’ve always considered it a weakness to admit that my periods effect me so much. I’m not allowing myself to continue with that rhetoric. Everyone has mood swings, or things that cause stress that effect or change their ability to be productive and creative  My internal dialogue has been telling me I’m not good enough or working hard enough when I take breaks or self care.

Reward yourself for Self Care not just Productivity.

Re-writing this pattern, this internal critic, to make my business healthier, my creativity stronger, my work and sanity balance more calm.

I really enjoyed recording this video almost as a way of telling my self to listen to my own advice.  Speaking it out loud makes it real ya’know some how.  Thank you for listening to me, after a long day working, it is so lovely to just sit down and talk to you.  To feel a little vulnerable, letting you into my space, giving you the freedom to judge, appreciate or comment on my thoughts.

Self Care not just Productivity?
Do you share my experience?


I’d love to hear! x