Galatos Bar has been transformed.  Low hanging light bulbs dimly illuminate the room.  It feels like an old 1930’s smoking lounge with out the misty cloud of cigar smoke hanging low in the air.  The stage is backed with plush red velvet curtains, an arm chair, lamp and a small side table, just waiting for ladies to sit down for a hight tea.

The French MC is fun and scandalous, and gets the crowd genuinely laughing along and enjoying his every quip. Men dressed as women dressed as men, orgies, tantric love triangles and plot twists more confusing than Days of our Lives…  Click in to see more!

Starring a cast of some of New Zealand’s finest young opera talent, accompanied by a live band of two keyboards and a chello.  The star studded cast includes Jessie Graham and Tamsyn Matchett who were last seen singing for Charles (that’s Prince Charles) and Cassandra McCowan, a current soloist for this year’s Christmas in the Park. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated with not understanding what the Opera was about this show is perfect for you with momentous pieces from composers such as Monteverdi, Purcell, Handel, Mozart, Rossini, Dnoizetti, Wagner, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Verdi!

Two minutes into the show and there is already a gorgeous woman disrobing on-stage   Through out the rest of the show the audience is either laughing their asses off, sitting wide eyed in amazement, gasping, or silently fixated on the dramatic and spine-tingling show in front of them.

The audience is constantly been drawn in, encouraged to interact with the performers or the amorous French MC who demands roses and lingerie be thrown at him for his finale!  Men in underwear, or ladies dressed as men, dressed as ladies.  Oh! for Opera dazzles, confuses, and hilariously explains, subtitles and takes you on a very easy on the eye, Operatic journey through time!

Theatre goers, Cabaret and Burlesque fans – this is a MUST see.  Opera virgins, with-hold your opinions on this till you have seen OH! for Opera!!!  Book your tickets HERE:  Read my other Opera Review!

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