I’m a big fan of buying things that look super expensive but aren’t!
Couture, fashion, or just day to day work clothes.. if I can get it for under $50 per item I actually get minor heart palpations from the excitement!

Today I’m feeling human again after recovering from a short stint in hospital.. the sun is out, and the coffee I had at morning tea time is sill buzzing through my system gloriously.
I’m a summer baby – vitamin D and warmth make my ‘happy-register’ all full up again…
Today is just one of those days. I’m gonna be super productive but hyperactive as hell!

I popped up to my favorite store http://www.paperbagprincess.co.nz/ at lunch time today cos I had to get out of the office and a breath of fresh air…  less than $20 later I come out with a gorgeous pink organza satin dress.. or high waist-ed skirt (ooh versatility) and a satin clutch.. both in my signature shade of magenta pink.

Clutches, especially the giant over-sized type seem to ‘on-trend’ right now so incidentally I’ve succumbed to the fashion rat-race…

Am I complaining…?

Not really!

Take a look for yourselves…!

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