Today I’m feeling a little under the weather.. aside from getting up and making a pie, I’ve pretty much spent all day in bed… Just what I’ve needed.  Feeling low on energy for the last two weeks, I’ve kind of known I was fighting off something nasty, but wouldn’t let my self fully relax and get better!

Flickr – waihey

I’m lucky to live in a gorgeous apartment with a delicious bath and steaming hot water, so tonight I plan on making myself a golden, deliciously smelling bath.  If you haven’t ever tried any  Lush, Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics you really should try them.  They’re divine, colourful and smell fantastic.  My bathroom is full of them!

Flickr – Jciv
Here is a little video about one of my favourite Lush products.  Don’t stress though if your not a glitter fan, not all products are this sparkly.  This doesn’t actually leave a glitter residue on your skin, more of just a golden glow, as if you had just dusted yourself with a light pearlecent powder…  Perfect for looking radiant AND relaxed before going on a romantic date, for example… I think I’ll just have to do that next time!

Pamper yourself!  You deserve it!  I’m going to and hopefully it helps me feel better, re-energise and kick this icky bout of germs and snottiness!
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