Queering the Emperor Tarot Card:

The Emperor card can be super challenging as a queer person as it traditional represents masculinity, power, the law, and basically an unemotional version of the patriarchy. Here I have tried to unpack the Emperor with the help of my beautiful witchy friend Myra, to give you a relevant and applicable interpretation in life as a queer, LGBTQIA or trans person. I wish to encourage and support this magick in my queer community, and my love of Tarot will not let heteronormativity, or patriarchal overtones ruin my love for Tarot.
Honourable mention:
– The Slow Holler Tarot – The Navigator http://slowholler.bigcartel.com/
– Osho Zen Tarot – The Rebel
– Doreen Virtue – The Organiser
– The Wild Unknown, the cards have less gender influences.
I’m currently working on a Queer Tarot Project: Telling Queer Stories through the Archetypes of Tarot. Each of the Beautiful Major Arcana cards I’ve created tell the story of the queer person photographed for it. You can check out more of it here: www.queertarot.cards
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