I’m sitting here in the sun waiting for water to boil to I can clean out my fridge again for the third time in a month. It is SPRING.  The weather is warming up and I’m going to have to make the temperature in the fridge in my van a touch colder so my food lasts.

Emotionally it feels like a relief.. I’ve spent the last 3 almost 4 months in an inner reflection of winter, this feels weird winter at this time of year.  Watching my Southern Hemisphere friends come to the close of their summer I feel weirdly out of place. As a summer baby, I can feel the energy around meslowly moving faster, and my body slowly starting to keep up as it gets more sunshine.

I’ve been back from my adventures for almost a month now and coming back was almost harder than feeling a like a wanderer. I’ve learned that having space in my life for my brain to function is so important. Without that, making space for creativity of any kind- let alone making my Queer Tarot cards – has felt almost impossible.

I’ve got back into the swing of publishing cards, but not quite back into feeling ready to send letters out to my mailing list. Weirdly that feels more vulnerable. Like the vulnerability of overdoing social high functioning, you know the classic burn out post isolation.  Quickly followed by emotional overwhelm… Even writing this feels like I’m showing up to you at my messiest, when I’ve not got it all together and on top of things. So here it is – a news letter a few articles of what I’ve been up at all stages of functioning.

I’m learning how to tell stories starting with my own, I don’t have it down like a sales pitch, I can’t for the life of me keep to a publishing schedule and I try to email you all once a month at least even if I’ve dropped the ball while I’ve been away.  So here I am showing up for what I want to create, showing up for this little community, YOU, this wee newsletter, my Queer Tarot cards project and saying – It doesn’t have to be right or perfect, so long as it happens, so long as I do the thing- somehow!

I have exciting posts to come, and it’s not just my voice!  I have a new regular contributor who deserves a bigger introduction that this little hint, and a wonderful article I’ve been waiting to publish from one my witch camp friends.  I hope to have more voices here on this site but also the Queer Tarot Cards site.  This is slowly slowly becoming bigger than just me. Thank you all for being here.  Thank you for being part of this jour