After a weekend of performing and rushing around like a mad woman I needed to do a brain dump.  Now normally I do that here just diarising what I did the past week or two. But I felt I had to take it deeper this time…  So I wrote a poem!

Fame Junkies

Money Sucess Fame Glamour
Every Night the Fans Clamour
Cocaine Heroin Narcissim Fame
Addiction Poison Reputation Game
Drugs Sex Rock n Roll
Gossip Scandal takes its Toll
Striving to be something great
Many try to change their Fate
Grass is greener on the other side
Where dreams and fantasys reside
Many fail to make their mark
Never just a walk in the park
Reality is Hard, Life’s a Bitch
Hard work and luck make me Rich
MovieStar Singer Celebrity Heir
Playboy Diva DramaQueen Flair
Magasine Blogger Photographer Press
Addiction Rehab Therapy Mess
17-11-2008 Miss Phloss

So beyond that – What have I been doing?

Calendar centerfold, which actually includes the above poem (I’m dying to post it but can’t) Burlesque photoshoot (hoping to get the photos back today!) Rehearsals and more rehearsals.  A show at a theatre I’d never performed at before and subsequent stage fright (yes I suck and fall prey to its evils!) A zombie performance and awesome special effects makeup ( Another two photoshoots I directed, and really enjoyed not being in for once..!  And the drama’s of organising a large number of people and trying to have anyone freak out on my ass!

Hows that??I compacted it all down into a paragraph…

Zombies shouldn’t smile..

…. unless they’ve just eaten!

I’m a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl

Closer than you think to my natural hair colour!

Behind the scenes photoshoot madness!

Directing a photoshoot???  Haha
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