Rape.  Its a horrible haunting idea and one that is a little to close to home for comfort.  But it not something that we can just sweep under the carpet.  I’ve been following an amazing project online that’s both brought tears to my eyes and made proud of those who’ve stood up and said NO!  We celebrated this same choice to say no to Rape in the annual International “Slut Walk”. It is empowering women to stand up and say “I wasn’t asking for it” or “Its not what I wear”.  You can support or be a part of this too even if its just sharing.

Me at the Auckland Slut Walk protest – it was a cold day 🙂
Here are some gorgeously heart breaking but healing and strengthening words.  I hope you can all be as touched and rallied up about this as I am.  These women and men are brave, fighters and telling their story.
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