(Altitude) refers to the reduction in ambient pressure due to ascent above sea level. Decompression has physical effects on gas filled spaces and on liquids, particularly when they contain dissolved gases. Physiological effects of decompression are due to these physical effects and the consequential effects on the living tissues, mostly as a result of the formation and growth of bubbles, and the expansion of gas filled spaces.
A decompression party
Decom or decomp is a local reunion for Burning Man participants to help ease themselves back into everyday society after the “big event”. It is not uncommon for Burning Man participants to experience “post-burn blues”, and decompression events can help alleviate the feelings of loneliness and separation that can occur. The events provide an opportunity to participants to share feelings, art, performances and memories.

Although this term is most often used outside of its normal status when referring to Burning Man, but I think it has a relevant application to the internet also.  Its not an addiction I’m talking about nor social media withdrawal symptoms.  I’m talking about the overwhelming feeling one gets when resurfacing back into the fast paced, self involved social media world.

It happens.  I’ve been busy and haven’t really had time to be all over the internet becuase I’ve been “all over” in the real world! Its great really and I’m honestly not complaining.  I’ve seen parts of our Beautiful NZ that I wouldn’t have had the chance to if I wasn’t performing.
Nelson, the Lakes, Blenheim and all the beautiful landscape in between, Wellington, from the outlying hills to the City centre, Rotoroua and the gorgeous drive in between!

I’ve taken photos, I’ve seen alsorts of crazy, gorgeous, beautiful, weird venues.  Flown in big planes and little propeller planes, thanking the pilot for landing safely every time!

But coming back home and checking your email, settling back into the normal day to day routine is hard.  Red eye early morning flights aren’t the highlight but coming home and having itchy feet and no motifation to catch up on what’s been going on in your absence is somewhat of a problem.  I am trying to put together my solution.  By sharing what I’m going to do it going to make me stick to doing it.  At least that’s the plan anyway.

1) Clean my room.

2) Follow up on urgent jobs! I really have to follow up with my Landlord becuase the washing machine is still broken and laundromats get old quickly

3) Clean out the on-line junk
– Facebook Subcribers (do you really want to hear about what they ate for breakfast?  If they aren’t adding anything or entertaining – CULL) I’m not saying delete them, you just don’t need them in your “Most Important updates”
– I removed a few people from my twitter feed.  It felt really good.
– Unsubscribe from those annoying surveys, and deal emails.  Keep only those you actually use!

4) Upload everything. Weather it be to Flickr instead of Facebook, its the online way of getting your negatives developed and bringing them into the office to show everyone after a big trip away!

5) Update your calendar. I’ve been away and have no idea what’s on this weekend.  Updating ones calendar is the best way to feel involved but still incontrol.  I have a tendancy to over book myself so putting things in a paper (WOW) hard copy calendar helps!  I  my pink Filofax!

6) Spoil yourself.  Gawd knows travelling is exhausting, so pampering is like forcing yourself to relax. I have the worst time relaxing but I’ve made an apointment with THIS lovely lady to get my nails done YAY!

7) Throw out clothes. The seasons are ever changing and possibly your dress size! Stop hanging on to those too small/ too big clothes, for just in case.  They’re just colllecting dust so get rid of it.  I really need an entire week off to do this I think, but thats not really realistic right now so I’m going to have improve my time management in the evenings!

8) BOOK A HOLIDAY!!!  I’m about to book a trip to the Filipines.  The idea is very scary but I’m going to tell my rational concervative self to shut up and just do it and enjoy the adventure!

9) Go on a date!  Being away means not necessarily having time to spend 1:1 so make sure you book it in!  I think I’m going to plan a surprise date for this weekend! I wonder if she’ll be reading this and find out in advance!

10) Exercise.  Eating badly often happens when travelling.  I’ve really got to reign in my diet.  Since I’m only intollerant not allergic to Gluten, slipping up is easier espeically with limited choices or gas station food! UGh Tonight I’m off to boxing and I’ve it again on Friday.  Its tottaly going to kick my ass, but I’m looking forward to feeling better afterwards!  Hooray!

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