Cotton Candy Martini ? or Cotton Candy Cosmo, Pink Panther? call it what you like but it’s Oh so sweet. If you surf the web, which you probably do since your reading this you will find a delicious Cotton Candy Pink Panther, this one is the best, thanks to Pinnacle Cotton Candy Flavoured Vodka.

Pinnacle the makers of amazing delicious, (to be consumed in moderation) Vodka have come on board with Miss Candy Phloss Burlesque.

What It Takes To Make One
To make a great Cotton Candy Pink Panther here’s what you need:

30mls    Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka
10mls    Raspberry cordial
15mls    Cream
Top with lemonade
A handful of yummy cotton candy
Sugar for rimming the glass

This is for 1 cotton candy cocktail, if you would like a full shaker simply double or triple depending on your shaker size. Combine all ingredients (except the real cotton candy) in a shaker full of ice. Shake it like crazy and strain in to a martini glass filled with the flossy pink cotton candy. This is a strong, strong, sweet drink but and very powerful. Drink with caution, I hope you enjoy…

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