So I feel like writing about Hair dye.  I feel like it would also be a good opportunity to Pimp out the company that helps me keep my hair any colour but normal…  Fudge.
I am sponsored by Fudge, they give me hair dye every couple of months.. its not heaps but when you have had pink hair of various shades it really helps the old tight budget!  Bleach and several tubes of colour every 4 to 6 weeks does add up!
My Candy Phloss pink is a mixture of Raspberry Beret and Pink Moon…  Pink Moon gives it a neon shade and the Raspberry gives it a dark undertone so that when it fades a little it doesn’t go that awful Orange colour that a bad pink dye job goes.
Last night my flatmates had guests over and one of them is a rather glamorous being… Drag Queen by night and a high end makeup tutor by day.  As I was doing my hair last and the topic of hair was going around the table..
Bleaching – such a lay mans term.. instead call it “Lightening”
Dying – You dye clothes and carpet, you COLOR your hair.
This had us in absolute hysterics..  the flamboyant nature of the way we were told this was brilliant.. but there is a point to to it.  Doing something properly always makes a difference.  Keeping your regrowth under control, your colour fresh and your hair healthy all makes having coloured hair look more meaningful and less trashy. (if that’s the look your going for).
Alternative models often have coloured hair and the thing that separates the professional ones from the armature ones is the quality of their outfits, makeup and hair.
I wouldn’t say I’m the best at it but I’ve had pink hair for over six years now so I pride myself on looking after it and doing it properly.  In the corporate world its a whole different story… The last office I worked at was very corporate.  When I was in a telephone based role I had bright pink hair then I moved into a “first face for new staff” role.  When I applied for the role I was given the expectation that I would not be given the role unless I changed my hair color. 
It was a significant career development for me and pay rise.  So I said “sure”  all the while grating my teeth.  After much thought I went out and bought a Wig.  I was not prepared to give up my hair colour (something that really makes me ME) but I still wanted the job.  Now companies have to be very careful when asking people to change their appearance.  So when I turned up in a wig there was absolutely nothing my old work could do.  I hated it but it was a compromise. 
Now I work somewhere different (HOORAY) and they are relaxed and laid back.  I have been slowly transitioning my hair from black back to bright pink.  So last night I was a little daring with the bleach.  My hair is allot brighter today than the last time I “refreshed” my hair colour. AND I LOVE it!!
I thought I’d leave you with a little laugh.. a video I had filmed many years ago..

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