If you suffer from 3pm itus I suggest healthy fruit with a big glass of water… it fills your stomach to make you feel less hungry.
Its what I’ve just done, with difficulty however, having a vending machine in the lunch room and THESE sitting on my desk!

Why do I have yummy deliciousness on my desk? Because I’ve a car.. my little baby, which needs some TLC since it hasn’t been driven in a while.. and if you ask me, the way to a mans heart (or in my case, to get him to do work for me, and teach neon the process) is via his stomach. My car is a gorgeous classic Datsun 1200 coupe, 1972 in olive green. I’ve polished up the vinyl interior recently, and will be looking to get some one to fix up the carpets and install an old school (or old looking) sterio and sounds!
I felt like a right handyman with my hands all greased up! Ill take pictures next time. As a girl tho, the more I know about my car, the more I feel confident knowing I’m not Ginny get ripped off my a dodgy mechanic!

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