Kitties never cease to be anything but adorably cute (provided your not the one cleaning up any little “accidents”) and one of my besties Dolly Destory has been fostering them from the SPCA ove the winter. The kitties love her and also seemed to like playing with our jewelery and (much to our dismay) climbing up our pantyhose!

Big thanks to “Further Photography” for these!
If your feeling a little glum dress-up!  Looking glamorous as a sneeky way of making you feel really good. a touch of makeup and a faux fur coat sometimes is all it takes to do the trick!  I think we did this on a cold gloomy tuesday night…  All dressed up and no where to go, but it didnt really matter. I went to bed that night feeling a whole lot chirpier and slept like a baby!

 Sunday was JUST as gloomy.  By now you might have figured out that I’m a HUGE summer fan.. I hate the cold, wet, windy winter weather and can’t wait for warmth and sunshine all the time.  I think I’m not the only one who feels like this either.  Sunday one of my other friends popped over and we went nuts with my little camera (hence the less than amazing quality) running around the Ironbank building, trying to stay dry before heading up the road to a local cafe for a Delicious hot toddy!  One of those has got to be my favourite “warm-up  my insides” drink for winter!!  If you haven’t had one – TRY IT!!  Its the best thing ever on a cold day!


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