had to take my nose ring out a week ago for a job I was doing.. Annoying but the $$ was worth it.
So yesterday I got it re-pierced cos I’m too wimpy to just shove the ring back through and I’ve a ring with a tiny ball. Last time the ball came out it I spent HOURs trying to get it back in… Seriously I suck!
Got Nick at Illicit to re do for me AGAIN haha…
Lunch time today – went to the chemist and got a second stud put in my ears.. hehe PINK jewel lol… I’m obsessed. I screwed up my eyes and held on to the seat till my nuckles were white.. haha it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected. No tears only a slight wince – I’m so brave *cough* Goes nice with my little bar.
AND I have booked in to get French Seams with a bow at the top tattoo’d on the backs of my legs on the 5th of August… I’m a little nervous, but really excited. Its being done by Stephan at 2hands tattoo.. I’ve wanted it for ages now and can’t wait to get it done. I’m going to sketch the bow for the top most likely as I want to incorporate the pink flower from my website into the middle possibly with a little skull cut out in the centre of the flower..
GO-DETAIL haha..
So yea… thats what’s new for me…. And yes the hair is gonna stay pink… I love it tooo much.. Thinking about getting black extention at the back for a little bit extra length …

Anything new for you?!?

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