So the weekend was allot more relaxed than normal which was nice.. Cos having worked a couple of days during the week I was a bit worn out!

We did some promo work for a large company for a couple of days last week, and I’m gonna refrain from mentioning the name of the company as I had a not so pleasant experience…
It surprises me there still are companys that are so corporate they can’t except something that’s mildly different (like seriously mild!) even if its tidy, clean, minicured and well presented. Hello discrimination? Do gingers get the same treatment? I was reqired to cover my Pink hair with a wig and take my piercings out… one of which I now have to get repierced (for the third time haha)

Also we were accused of drinking beer on the job.. 4 girls = 3 hate beer 1 allergic to the stuff… Yea smart, theoretically because some exec couldn’t get some action. Rather annoying.

Moving right along… Friday I did the commercial thing… wore a pretty dress that went past my knees and went to a Singled Out party with my flatmate! They had a cool theme with matching name tags – pitty they ran out before we arrived. Mom – Dad – Barbie -Ken – Brad – Angelina etc etc…

My flatmate got laid and I escaped some admirers out of a club via the upstairs hotel’s back entrance.. What a bitch.. – it was bed time and my ride was waiting…!
Saturday hung out with my girls and supported some new up and coming Dj’s to the scene.. Realised afterwards that I’d missed “Mint” AGAIN… gah.. ah well, its monthly..

So the goss on what I’m up to at the moment… ?
Trying to sort out contracts for more work and performances has been taking most of my attention and E-energy… Which is fun, with lots of waiting in between.. It kills me “Aaaahhhhgg.. I wanna know now, please please?!” Planning stuff for my Club Kids – it looks like we’ll be having Auditions and a little bit of dance training too soon! So plenty to keep everyone excited!

I’m organising a Photography meet! Weeee… I know a few photogrphers and want to get to know more (always handy).. And now having my own camera and starting to play with an SLR its good to pick up tips!
Its open to all photographers – just contact me for information.. If we got the the limit on numbers I might do it again sometime! I’m organising models for this too. I’ve got about 15-20 applications in already on facebook that I have to sort through…

The theme is Glamour vs Grafiti. Very contradictory, grunge and swaav in the same place. Every photographer will put a different spin on it obviously but its gonna be fun! I’m rather excited actually..
Anyway pix from the weekend..

If you have facebook, there’s more there… I can’t transfer them over atm 🙁



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