Have you ever thought about how many applications and locations you have photos saved? Where you are sharing photos and which group gets the most traffic?  Or even where did you forget to make your photos private/ public.  Once uploaded often these photos become property of the site that you uploaded them to. Did you know that?
PicFrame ($0.99),
 Diptic ($0.99),
 and PhotoShake! ($1.99)

These are a few of the regularly recommended applications. I just downloaded the free version of PicGrid which does the same sort of thing FREE…

Most photographers use Flickr.  I have a Pro Account, which enables you to upload and download your own photos at high resolution and prevents monthly or size upload limits.  Its great and I love it.  As I’m always having my photo taken or posing for photos – silly and serious its great to have a central place to keep them all which ISN’T Facebook! 
Instagram is only new on Android, and was one thing I used to bemoan about not having an iPhone.  Currently I’m still resisting getting one!  However its now out and anyone with a Smart Phone can get it.  The App itself doesn’t allow you to view your own photo stream on a web device but I went on a hunt and found this:   http://web.stagram.com/n/miss_phloss 
Web.Stagram is an external application which you can log into and view your entire Instagram photo stream and others too!  Its GREAT!!

 Before I had Instagram I used Lightbox religiously.. It has very similar photography filters you can select.  You can access your photo-stream both on your phone app and through the web.  It is good, just without the huge cult following that Instagram has.  One thing it does that Instagram doesn’t is allows you to instantly cross-post.  If I want to upload a photo and post it on my Twitter, Four-square, Facebook, Tumblr and more I can do this all with one click on Lightbox!  Now that’s pretty clever!

If you are directly uploading photos to Twitter via the Twitter client (other application which might use “YFrog”) your photos get saved here:  Twitpic.  If you haven’t logged into that site directly you might want to.  Not only if your looking to promote your photos but also to check out who can view or access your content.  Either way it displays nicely and is just as easy to find your way around as Twitter.

 Also there is Picasa Web Albums which is linked to your Google Account.. They seem to have made changes recently because mine is broken and I can’t screen shot it for you.  I’ll update this post when I can!
Others I have that used and you might want to try out are these two. They have a smaller range of effects but  still come out with cute shots.

FX Camera
Retro Camera

Next Up- HDR photography app I think!  ENJOY!

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