Hello lovely readers, and friends.  Thanks for arriving here, clicking on the link / reading my work, it really means allot.

I need help, and even asking for help is quite a mental hurdle to overcome for me. The Capricorn rising stubbornness in me is uncomfortable with it. I have a “muggle job” (I work part time in an office) meaning I can pay you. Although for me, it means I have lots of smaller time-consuming jobs that really I am having trouble getting to, partially due to overwhelm and partially procrastination.


To this end, after talking to a wonderful friend of mine, Sarah – who runs an online magazine called “This Woman Can”, I’ve decided I want to offer a paid internship to the Queer community I am a part of, instead of outsourcing the work to an overseas “Fiver” type virtual assistant agency. I want to invest my meager pennies where my mouth/ community / audience is.

The work that needs doing:

  • Helping me work through a Tarot course content & uploading
  • Helping me implement changes that have been provided by the wonderful copy writer Valerie.
  • Following up on content I’m waiting for
  • Helping me organise shoots dates for the Queer Tarot card project


I really write my content / articles / stories based on my personal experience and journey, so I have ebbs and flows in my creative ability to produce content.  If you write or would like to write about anything Magickal from a queer perspective I’d love pay you (all be it a wee amount) for your content / story / contribution to this site. Ideal topics would include the following:

  • Tarot
  • Creativity
  • Manifestation
  • Magick rituals or traditions from a queer perspective


Hopefully this might interest you, and you don’t need to be based in Melbourne to be able to work with me.  I would prefer if I can Skype you, and if you can let me know in the email form below how many hours a week you might have available to work with me.

Thanks heeeeeaaps in advance. I appreciate your support xx


Does this sound like you or do you have more questions?

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