Regular goal setting is healthy for the soul.  Personally I do it because I need to feel a sense of direction in my every day madness of life.  Or maybe its my need to be in control?  Lucky there are all sorts of things these days to help with that besides your ole pen and paper list.  I use Trello (very recently introduced to it) and TeamWorkPM, a project management tool which I find awesome for helping me with the events I organise! I wish these apps would organise my wardrobe too..  Trust me, it does NOT look like the picture!  or Both available on Web and Android and BRILLIANT!

Sometimes I myself a project to keep organised with my Google calendar and my paper based Filfax organiser. I’m a full time job for myself!  In the last two weeks, travelling around the country and the passing of my closest Uncle has really upset my routine so getting back into my little crazy pattern has been very satisfying.  Excercise and eating healthy are so much harder when your not at home.

So this is what I did today – a good old fashioned paper TO DO LIST, then I couldn’t resist and made it look pretty.
Also posting things publicly (even if you can’t read it) is a small step towards mentally keeping myself accountable to myself and making sure I do these thins.  If I do, then I’m gonna achieve more and be less stressed.  What a win on all counts!  So easy and now that I’ve done it, I’ve actually ticked a few things off already!  WOW  Try it yourself.  No matter how insurmountable the project seems if you break it down into small bite sized and achievable chunks its doable.  Its a S.M.A.R.T Goal!!
Try it and let me know how you go!
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