Gawd knows I LOVE shoes.. and one of the websites I love buying my shoes is this – There’s something got my soul about this website.. Not that I think that loving shoes should be a religion but it most certainly appeals to the rebel in me, the wild child that wants to do something crazy regardless of all the disapproving looks.

Bad influence you say?  Yup, absolutely… but doing it looking killer, right down to the shoes that I’m going to strut rebelliously by wearing!  On a mission to rid the world of ugly shoes, one city at a time..

SoleStruck have JUST brought out their 2012 line and its one of the best look books I’ve seen!  I can see myself being or doing exactly that in almost every page!  Not only that, but the shoes will transition with perfect grace into “normal” foot ware working life just as easy as you could say 1,2,3!

Here are some of my favourite pages!  You can find the entire look book HERE:

Unif Hellbound – Pink, Available 30-4-2012
Black Milk X Jeffery Campbell Damsel,  presale 02-01-2012
Black Milk X JC Damsel,  presale 02-04-2012
Black Milk X JC, Night Lita, presale 02-04-2012

Matiko Havanna, Available now

Grey City Rebel, Available 31-08-2012

Joe’s Trixie, Available now

Jeffery Campbell X SoleStruck Ojai, Available now
Jeffery Campbell X SoleStruck Exclusive, Taunt, Available May

No prizes for guessing which I’ll be getting first!
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