Taking time out from shows, work, performing to focus full time on social media and blogging for the week, I’m attending almost all 2012’s Fashion Week shows and will be posting regularly through out the week.  Although it is a busy schedule it is rumoured to not be a strenuous as in years past – I should be so lucky!!
#NZFW Opening party Ceiling lights

A couple a have high expectations for are the Treliese Coooper show, Stolen Girlfriends Club, and NZ Wedding collection shows, specifically Auckands’ Wedding Designer answer to Valentino, “JOHN ZIMMERMAN” and the forever dapper, “The Crane Brothers”.  The Miromoda show is one I’m taking particular note of; showcasing indigenous Māori fashion design and working to raise its artistic and professional recognition.

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For more about the Miromoda and New Generation Shows check out this behind the scenes video Featuring a behind the scenes Interview with DMONIC INTENT.  Feeling like a privaledged guest watching from sidelines for the Show Card shoot for this brand bringing it to Fashion Week for the second time and making a big splash in the Māori fashion design world. Their fun relaxed attitude shows through as they bring their flavour of Avante Guarde to NZ Fashion Week.

Yours truly Phlossy Roxx –  Taking Fashion Week Seriously only 98% of the time.  Hope you don’t mind.

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