Zambezi has always been a brand that I’ve felt conflicted about.  I love the dark all back style.  I’m totally a black wearing girl mixed up with all my bright pink its almost my uniform.  However the style of clothing is interesting,  large and over sized hasn’t always been my jam, although I’m starting to like more things of that style the more I see them.  But Zambezi has always been the leader in that style.  It takes a strong sense of style identity to wear it.  To me your beige is an easy out.

This year they pushed the envelope even further by completely opening up the backstage area.  You could see the changing racks and the make-up artists, the stage crew, the backstage photographers and the designers running around organizing the long line of models onto the run way.

Having lived directly opposite their new head offices on Canada Lane in Newton, Auckland I’ve seen the hours they work and the hustle and bustle of running one of New Zealand’s largest design houses.   When I find a piece of Zambezi that looks amazing on me and it ends up in my wardrobe, trust me I’ll be letting you all know.

The mens wear I do admire tho and would be happy to see garbed on my dates. Tailored winter coats in heavy fabric with corded detailing and prefect finishing, the dark green and blue vinyl and plastic looks I think I’ll leave for someone else however.  They really did surprise with a dash of red, coloured with pink on a slightly sheer textured dresses and mens and womens shirts in an “almost” floral pattern.

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