Opening with a nod to school boy chic and casual street glam for winter, Twenty Seven Names show was a cute selection of skater dresses, tailored pants, dropped waistlines and 90’s cardigans.

The models were fresh and not darkly made up, tattoo designs on their for-arms, with little marching bowler hats and the fabric motifs claiming “je susis predu”  or “I’m lost”.  Gorgeous navy with a stiff satiny look and heavy pleats on some of the dresses.   The collection is dedicated to the Rene Margritte a infamous surrealist artist in Brussels.

I love the bowler hat look, the dapper nod to ladies or “Toms” who would dress in suits instead of the gowns of the day.  The skater dresses definitely have relaxed casual feel about the whole look.  If I was to see a girl in one of them with a fur muff and white vintage boot skates I’d say the look was just about perfect.

I still don’t think you’ll catch me in a knitted cardigan anytime in the near future but it’s interesting see how looks or a vibe of my teen age years is returning to New Zealand Fashion week this year, 2013.

Photos thanks to Dani Just Is.

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