Opened by another Melbourne based Kiwi Esther Stephens singing a beautiful song “Under You” wearing a signature smock dress, hemmed with cute frills in bright blues, pinks and aqua marines.  Definitely an exciting way to engage the attention of a runway audience overwhelmed by the amount of shows at fashion week.

When I was about 5 maybe a little younger, I was a flower girl.  I was a cute wee Shirley Temple, and its been the only time in my life I was involved in a wedding.  I wore a wee white dress with a pink sash.  The colours and shades of the Pia Boutique show reminded me of that dress and reminded me of it.  Even the almost holographic satiny look of the feature fabric reminded me of that dress.

 Baby blue almost aqua-marine colours in a tailored two piece dress suit,  a pink opaque square pattered cropped top with matching drawstring style casual pants, pink and pale purples, floral prints.  It was a show celebrating the unicorn pallet of pinks, blues, greens, oranges whites and purples.   Mixed with her geometric prints featuring on the front of some garments it was a candy coloured delight to my eye, and a definite bright look at A/W 2014.

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