Andrea Moore was a love bright dash of colour a midst a day largely dominated by dark colours and over sized or unfitted clothing.  Its was a complete wake up to my senses,  colours of the season for A/W 2014 from Andrea Moore definitely feature strong  nectarine oranges, vivid magenta pink which hints at almost being fluorescent.  Royal blues and bright avocado greens mixed with geometrical prints dare anyone to wear them and not stand out.

My favourite piece of the collection has to be the hot pink jump suit.  Although a jump suit would really challenge my body confidence with pleats and gathers around a higher sitting waist, the colour is just FANTASTICALLY bright, and I love it.  Teamed up with a complimentary purple blazer coat it just looked great.

The rest of the collection was full of florals, tailored dress pants for your corporate Remuera business woman with too much money to spare or a fancy out for that special occasion.  What edged it up a little were some awesome wee vinyl  harness waistcoats.  Made of wide thick straps that came around the shoulder and across the back I love the idea.  One with faux fur shoulders actually made me super excited I think I’ll have to get my hands on one myself….  I like this challenge!

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