Day two started off with a fancy breakfast down at Australis House, (the same venue that hosted the World Press Photo Exhibition) this time however a completely different layout.  I was wondering how they’d turn a open “L” shaped room into a cat walk.  Easily enough, it seems.  With the photographer pit down one end and the bar and coffee machines down the other end it worked.  The models came out between two big black door which made for a brilliant back drop for my photos.  (I found a good spot and managed to keep it!)

Ingrid Starnes final dress and the Brand Names on the wall.  The wooden floors really highlighted the cute collection.

Photo credit: NZFW

My first highlight of the day was attending the weddings show.  The catwalk looked beautiful, with flowers everywhere, even pink roses on the front row seats.  Although I have no plan to get married anytime soon, The NZ Weddings Magasine show was a girly glitter, sparkles, ruffles and curls dream come true.   There was a disappointing small number of men in the show only from the Crane Brothers, however cute kids all dressed up almost made up for it.

Dmonic Intent totally rocked the New Generation show, making some other attendees around me question how some designers were selected for the show, and commenting that the AUT Graduate show had some higher standard designs showing by comparison.

Treliese Cooper blew everyone one away, and didn’t start as late as the show had done in previous years.  Light up bags, light up stage set and light up dresses was an amazing use of technology and multi-media!!

 After such a long day it was totally time for one drink, well deserved after running up and down the Viaduct Events Centre for the day! A perfect way to finish day two was the Kagi show by Paul Blomfield.  Burlesque , Fashion and Cabaret collided on stage.  Shocking a few attendees I’m sure, the event was polished and did an amazing job, even though narrated theatrical pieces can tend to be a little stiff, this certainly wasn’t.

All photos by me, unless otherwise stated.

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