NZ Fashion Week Day One: Ruy/ Liam, Cybele, Coop, Company of Strangers, Hailwood, Juliette Hogan, Zambesi.

Its 5pm right now and I’m hiding in a corner in the Viaduc Events center, tethering my Asus tablet (my bloggy best friend!) to my phone as the wireless is in high demand and you all know what that does to Internet speed, something you almost have to plan ahead for knowing it’ll happen some time or other!
I’ve sat in the Front row for Ruby & Liam and the second or third rows for pretty much everything else.  Sitting in the isle (if your lucky) really makes taking photos easier although getting that seat is a godsend.   Fashion show warehouses are extreemely HOT, all the lights are huge and super bright.  I admire models for managing to not squint into all the lights as the catwalk.  If I’d had to spend the entire day in there I think my face would have melted off!
The Ruby show was uber-cute and I’m dying to add one of their aqua-marine faux fur shrugs to my wardrobe collection!
Coop by Treliese Cooper was gorgeously inspiringly Spring!  Greens, florals bright pinks (obviously a fan here) and some really stunning textured fabric on tailored jackets. This wee piece I just might have to hunt down despite my aversion to gold.

Company of Strangers was another Day One superstar!!
Pink and orange – Who would have thunk these would have gone together so well! Never really been a fan but they did it so well.  Cobalt blue dresses also made my day.  Colour blocking madness on the run way and one of the brightest audiences I’d ever seen!

 Oh and “The Ridges” made an out-fit change for the Zambesi show.. But I dont think that counts as Fashion new really now does it?


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