Attending a Fashion event is completely and utterly different from attending an event such as the NZ Music Awards.  They are two different kettle of fish!  I’ve attended a NZMA’s serveral times before and made a wee fashion statement each time..    I may have worn this one year!  
Bjork Swan dress?

 I’m finding Fashion events can be just as fun.. however I sure was nervous before attending the NZ Fashion Festival Opening party… I’m sure when Fashion Week rolls around I’ll be more more confident…

I submitted a video for Jenene Crossan (Freer) workshop on Monday –5 Simple Steps to become a Magazine Editor…  Answering the question – How has Blogging effected your life and a top tip!  I’ve been Blogging since pre 2007 (MySpace – heh) so its been part of my life for a while now, and I still love it!

“Oh to be a magazine editor! Working in magazines has always been considered one of the most glamourous and coveted jobs for women.”   (Just saying – Isn’t this a little gender stereotype?) also posted this.

I recorded this about 15 times before I was happy with it.. and even then I still think I sound a little squeaky!
I snapped few phone photos while we were there – and some others have popped up – thanks SnapStar!

VIVA lounge – I’ll have these couches if you don’t want them!
With @dru4u, @rationaldresser and @dani_just_is
With The Girls of Fresh PR
With Hannah of 
#NZFF Sponsored by Mainland Cheese?!

With @countesscupcake!
The cocktail of the Evening….!!
Hannah and I again!
My shoes! Captured by the Four Eyes Boys – Thank you!
A great night!! I’m off to see Collections #2 tonight, so I’ll have a new round of updates and photos tomorrow no doubt!
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