Thursday went into town for a wee bit in the evening.. Was quite nice and relaxing.. I have a few funny videos and photos which I’ve been VERY slack and not yet uploaded or edited… Hhaha OOPPS I get to that… sometime.

I should have done that last night but wanted some ME time relaxing in front of mind numbing TV. Maybe I would have felt more inspired if I’d gone to the Gym.. but I didn’t cos I didn’t have my gym gear. And I didn’t have my gym gear cos I was stood up by our electrician who was supposed to be over fixing up some BROKE lights etc. Ah well hopefully tonight!!


Friday was fun… me and my possy or otherwise “team Nocturnal” all hung out.. It was the Rehearsal for the NZ Body Art Awards, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t take any film of the set up cos it was very cool watching them do the lighting and sound tests and model choreography on the stage! So there was 4 models, 2 artists and a photographer! AWESOME!
At 11pm we were done, and I was off to town to get my town gear on!

So I got ready at a local friendly bar, the nice kinda place you get a couple of free drinks at and they don’t mind a crazy like me taking over the bathrooms completely – Suedo dressingrooms here we come! Club / pub bathrooms always have plenty of mirrors too! lol

Stupid Fresh was playing and I was  Vip so I went along and had an awesome night.. Music was good, not too loud actually, or maybe I was good an wore my ear plugs (actually I think it was the latter – Deafness =DOOM) Most of the night I proceeded to enjoy catching up with all my girls… I use the word “catching up” very loosely… Its hard to do much catching up when slightly intoxicated, you can’t hear yourselves think, your surrounded by lots of other gyrating people, and its rather dark!
I am a self confessed night OWL… I come alive and wake once the sun sets!!


Well after getting home at 4am and into bed at goodness knows when.. I was up at the crack of 10am.. “Why oh why?!?!?” On the way to the events centre I made history with a local radio station! “Mark this in your calander people this is a day to go down in history as its not very often Phloss is up before lunch time on a saturday, or weekend even!”
A stop at the gas station for hot gormet mince and cheese pies, grainwaves, powerade and V was soooooooooooooooooo good! Especially as I had no time to eat at all the rest of the day!
Photos from the awards at the bottom of the page! I have video too

After the awards I headed into town to watch Flick play.. managed to catch the last 30 mins too! I think I rather shocked the bar staff turning up plactically naked and looking rather feline… It was rather fun, till it got a wee bit chilly!

From there I decided to put some clothes on and we headed to another event which “AFlickion Digital” had all the walls covered in posters of his Graffiti Art. It looked awesome and I’m very proud of him…


Sunday = EAT, SLEEP, buy new fridge cos the old one blew up, SLEEP

So the photo I DO have are here! 
I Promise I’ll post a blog that has all my vid’s and more photos soon!
Mis Phlossie
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