I half wrote this post months ago- but she’s doing some amazing things.  Including a pop up shop! Here is the link if you’d like more info on the shop: SHOP which is literally around the corner from my house!! 😀

You know you have you blog MOJO back when you attend a Fashion show.  After doing New Zealand Fashion week as the most colourful person almost every day amongst a sea of trendy cuts and hipsters all dressed in BLACK.

Colour.  I just can’t get past it.  I’m passionate about it.  I shop a specific wardrobe, honestly it makes me happy so I love it.
I’m not saying I don’t have black and a lot of it, but if I’m wearing black, I will accessorise with hyper colour tights, pink leopard print shoes or neon accessories or jewellery.  
When I heard that the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival events were on and some of my favourite Creative Melbourne designers were showing I think I ACTUALLY had kittens!

Luna Sea, GooLIfe, Madam Buttons, and NXK the queen of colour, I’m featuring today!

Here are some wee pictures of me galavanting around, being a royal brat. The first time this didn’t stand out.  Most of the audience were all creative types, colourful, alternative, bright.  I kept thinking this girl REALLY knows who here target audience is and has them all cornered, excited and in the Building.
The show was just up the road.  You know you live in the right area when you can walk one block to a fashion show from your front door!!! The Queue was all the way around the corner by the time I arrive and I was super excited.

It was held in the Easy Street Building that has the roof top trains!  If you haven’t checked it out – check this.  It’s pretty cute.  Tommy JackettTV – also pretty cute.

There were 6 models in the show and 3 maybe 4 rooms with different runways.  The VIP area in the Trains up the top floor of the building outside, and another down on a lower level of the building. Afterwards exploring the building realising what an amazing view it has of the local Collingwood area made me excited for the promises of a Burger Joint there in the future! 

Nixi will return to Italy where she will act as a mentor, sharing her knowledge with 100 international designers that are being unearthed by London fashion platform Not Just A Label. As HP Brand Ambassador harnessing the creative power of HP’s x2 laptop/tablet hybrid to bends the rules of fashion by creating psychedelic street wear and sculptured techno wearables.

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