I interviewed a random cross section of people not so long ago, and before adding more to the list I thought I’d bring them back up again and read them again.  Here they are for you:

aime whitcroft Inverview  A super amazing, geek, pod-caster and all round hottie… I got to visit her last week on the Wellington leg of my mini tour!  It was a lot of fun and she’s still as fantastic as always. Still SUPER smart and crazy beautiful…  *girl-crush* 

Miss T-pin Ups Inverview This gorgeous lady takes the most amazing photos and has successfully made a career out of it!  She is a busy lady and is part of the crew behind Miss Vintage and Very Vintage Day Out 2012 – I can’t wait to go and be a part of it….   Hmmmmmmm  
Nick Collings Inverview  Has been on the Club circuit before most Gen-Y’s were out of school and still going strong!  I’ve known this guy since before I was legally allowed to drink  and he’s been keeping good music on the air waves continuously since then, weather it was with his store “Criminal Records” or through UP Fm the station which he now manages!  
Amie Wee Inverview  Queer, Porny and Unicorny….  Hard to top those three things!!  I’ve never met someone more interesting the more I get to know her.  She runs her own blog/ website Crevice Canyon Which is delightfully entertaining and very very much an enlightening read.  If your an open minded adult GO HERE!  This girl rocks!
Chloe King Interview HospoExtrodianire by day and Activist every other living moment this woman is going to go down in history. This <—— has to be the best pictorial description of her!! If anyone is really going to make an impact of politics be it in New Zealand or overseas.. Taking a stand for Women – its going to be this woman.  Having Graduated from AUT after 6 or more years – she’s also educated and someone who really knows what she’s talking about!
Next Up:  Interview coming soon… Victor McKenney my Tattooist from Two Hands Tattoo on Ponsonby Road who’s currently finishing this on my back!
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