In New Zealand knowing someone that someone else you know, knows is simplified down to “degrees of separation” – and this is exactly how I came to meet Miss Amie Wee.  She’s hilarious and posts sexy stuff on her blog (and Tumblr) that I visit when ever I am in need of some light hearted entertainment… But there’s more to her than that –  Enjoy my interview with her – Not your normal job!

You write an amazing blog called When did you begin blogging?
I’ve always written; always had secret little smutty blogs around the internet but always shrouded myself in anonymity. It wasn’t until I met Curvaceous Dee ( around a year ago that I decided to smut blog and be out and unapologetic about it.
What did you do before you started editing porn?
Before this, I managed an adult shop and before that, I worked in theatre. Good times.
What tips would you give new web-entrepreneurs to help them start out on a path to success?
Haha I don’t consider I’m on the path to success but if I were to give tips on starting your own blog, I’d say… write what you know. Stand out by being unafraid to say what you like. And if you decide to take your clothes off on the internet, be fully prepared for your boss/brother/neighbour to see your arse. This may or may not have happened to me.
Did you consciously decide not to work in a ‘normal job’ or is this a label you feel is ridiculous and unfounded??
I honestly don’t think I would function well in a ‘normal job’. I love my job. I love coming to work. I am passionate about what I do beyond 9-5.
Have you ever struggled to get what you do taken seriously?
Every single day. Whenever I complain that I’m stressed out about work, people will make comments about ‘your job is awesome! You just watch porn all day/every day!’. Yeah… not exactly.
Your work and writing is very sex and erotica focused – has this made you immune or desensitized?
Desensitised to sex and porn? Hell no. The porn I have to deal with every day is very run of the mill mainstream porn that isn’t a mirror of how I do/want to have sex nor reflects what kind of porn I enjoy. I guess that’s like saying… because I work at KFC, does that affect whether I like Burger Fuel? Hell no. I love burgers. I will admit I am very obviously desensitised to seeing nakedness, sex and what is appropriate to talk about loudly in public. I quite often forget it’s frowned upon to loudly talk about shop talk in restaurants. And I generally don’t bat an eyelid when I see nakedness because I’m so used to seeing it.
What appeals to you more, fringe erotica or fetish in comparison to mundane day to day tits and ass?
My personal preferences in porn are quite varied and I tend to favour the work of directors and performers over whole genres. But generally, I love what queer/feminist porn has to offer. So the work of Madison Young, Buck Angel, Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, Maxine Holloway, Carlos Batts and Shine Louise Houston tend to rate very highly with me. There is some mainstream porn I adore and that includes the work of Elegant Angel director, Mason. I cannot rate her highly enough. She is the best thing about porn, ever, and is my porn idol. I am also quite fond of Belladonna’s work. So I guess all of the names I’ve mentioned covered kink/fetish and fringe erotica. Anything where the sex and chemistry is real and intense wins me every time.
You are not afraid to voice an opinion in the public arena. What effect has that had on the way that you work and do you think you’re making a difference?
I’m not afraid to voice an opinion because why should I be? I’ve worked in the NZ Adult Industry coming up 4 years now, so I feel like I’m entitled to make noise. I don’t think I’m making making too much of a difference yet but I will be soon. 🙂
What is the biggest, most exciting project you’ve worked on / are most proud of?
Ooooh… a lot of the projects I’ve worked on aren’t huge but are huge to me in terms of personal growth. Off the top of my head, probably graphic designing the most complained about billboard in New Zealand last year? That was pretty exciting. Also, every time I direct and shoot porn it gives me a buzz. Especially that time I shot sex on a motorbike or pregnant porn..
Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline that you could share with us?
Yes! In a few months I’ll have explicit photos I took published in a magazine. That’s exciting. I’m also in the process of writing some performance and working out the best way to shake up the NZ adult industry and make some queer/gender/size/kink/woman/man/friendly porn… Watch this space (and contact me through if you’re interested in being a part of it!).
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