As the former co-host of The Midnight Rock n Roll Circus (on the late great Alt TV) with my amazing New Zealand based contributor to this blog Dolly DeStory, I was excited to send her along to cover “Midnight Carnival” – the newest collection from the decadently Gothic Nick Von K!  I knew she’d love it!  With my other amazing friends, pictured above, I couldn’t help be just a little jealous that I was there too.
Have you ever dreamed of a monkey riding on a wolf’s head? Or an alley cat with an eye-patch? Or the eternal battle between the Swan Queen and the Dragon Queen? 

Rendered in gorgeous silver and semi-precious stones, Nick Von K’s Midnight Carnival is a banquet of craftsmanship and imagination.

In a fitting dramatic style, New Zealand burlesque icons Leda Petit and Miss Anthropy fleshed out the Swan Queen and Dragon Queen at Wednesday’s launch event on Cross St – complete with elaborately sculpted headdresses to match.  Made by Andrea Howes!
Perhaps it was the heady mix of 450mL Grolsch bottles and delicious glasses of Giesen Wines, but between the flicker of candles illuminating the new range and the ethereal Queens, the Midnight Carnival was as vivid as the best of dreams.
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