I’ve never ever entered a beauty pageant of any kind before 2013.  Previously the idea scared the bejeezus out of me! However I’ve made a New Year’s resolution for this year to do things out side my comfort zone. Things that scare me a little. To push beyond what I’m used too!  This is my quote for this year.

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 SOOO…. what happened?  When I was in Batangas, Philippines one evening feeling restless from too much food and not enough exercise or veggies I got bored and jumped on facebook.  Fortunately a link to the Miss Ink pageant had been reposted by someone.  Thinking about it from a performance perspective I decided to contact them regarding performing.  One thing led to another and suddenly I was entered.  It was the last day for registrations and I had 20 minutes to write two bio’s one personal and one about my ink before rushing out the door to head off to Laguna’s giant theme park – Enchanted Kingdom.

Arriving back in New Zealand late on a Friday night, attending a couple of really close friends Civil Union on the Saturday and then Sunday I panicked. All my luggage was still packed up, and suddenly I had to get a casual out-fit, a swim-wear out-fit that I wouldn’t feel self conscious in and an evening gown all organised.  Conveniently I had the evening gown all sorted!  I’d found a gorgeous dress in Manila and couldn’t wait to wear it.  I had umm’d and ahhh’d about buying it, but couldn’t get it out of my head after a week so it made its way into my suitcase!

The pageant it self made me super nervous. Now you might be thinking “What-ever!!”  Well, I still get nervous performing too, but this was different in the way it was not a choreographed piece and there wasn’t any music like there is with dancing to focus on.  Trying to forget this and stare directly into the bright lights, I just went for it, deciding not to take my self seriously at all and be totally cheeky! 
Casual out-fit: glittery cow boy hat and cap-guns!

Bring on the rest of 2013!  I’m off to the Miss Ink New Zealand Finals in Christchurch in June along with the 1nd, 2nd runners up and wild card winners. I’ve got BIG plans for more ink before then and a billion other adventurous plans too boot.  ITS SO DAMN EXCITING!!

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