I choose not to wear contact lenses because I had a bad experience with a cracked one and conjunctivitis once.. Silly?  Yes, but thankfully I’ve got some beautiful magenta pink Dolce and Gabbana glasses! Style and vision at the same time?  Amazing!  I’m short sighted and not too drastically so when ever I perform or play Roller Derby or have a photo shoot I normally take them off and make do.  Sometimes not seeing the faces of your audience has its benefits right???  Ha-ha

My current pair of glasses I’ve no had for at least 4 years or more – quite a while for my poor lenses which are looking slightly worse for wear.  I need to get new ones as these are getting a little scratched!!  Hopefully into the same frames.

I like variation and have a tendency to get bored of things every easily!  Not one of my favourite characteristics but when we’re talking glasses I can handle it.

My optomitrist was very forthcoming with my prescription and I jumped onto the clearlycontacts.co.nz website and started browsing… They have an amazing range and I ended up picking these beauties!!  I love them and can’t wait for them to arrive!!  PINK PANTHER GLASSES… now that’s what I’m talking about!

Other photos of me in glasses! 🙂

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