Since I’ve never done one before I thought I would steal this list from a friend and make it my own…

My Resolution list for 2008 and beyond!

– Get a job that I enjoy

– Go overseas (leaving 15th May)

– Get to 55kgs or less

– Have visible abs

– Get another piercing

– Go on a search for lost treasure

– Stay in a 5 star hotel

– Go bungy jumping

– Have the time to make my own art

– Watch the entire star wars trilogy with someone

– Have the time to make more of my own clothes

– Fall in love again

– Stay on a boat overnight

– Learn sign language

– Go to an all day spa

– Plant a garden

– Adopt a puppy from the SPCA

– Get another tattoo

– Be debt free and save more money

– Swim at the beach at night

– Get my restricted lisence

– Get engaged to someone I love

– Go rollerskating

– Buy a present for a friend for no reason

– Go to Melbourne again

– Live in a haunted house

– Write a short story

– Visit Disney World

– Send a message in a bottle

– Fly a plane

– Cut my hair short and spikey

– Visit a museum

– Keep a journal (this is it!)

– Fast (intake nothing but water) for 72 hours

– Buy a good underwater camera

– Learn to play poker- Fly a kite (again)

– Own a giant bubble machine

– Own a chocolate fountain

– Help save a sick animal

– Sell some of my unworn costumes

– Keep my room clean for a month

– Learn to fly a hot air balloon

– Change my name completely

– Visit the Great Wall of China

– Have a pet hedgehog

– Have a pen pal again

– Get in touch with ex boyfriends

– Buy a video camera and make a home movie

– Be buried up to my neck in sand

– Go Skiing

– Own a (fake) zebra print coat

– Go grafiti bombing

– Make a photographic documentary of a special place

– Be able to make a living out of my modeling

– Get drunk

– Go to Spookers dressed up

– Break into an abandoned building (done that already got the photos, but I wanna go back with a photographer)

– Dye my hair pink (its currently pink yay)

– Quit my job

– Stay awake for 3 days/2 nights straight

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