Mother’s day is this weekend.. I’m prepared this year. Normally I am busy so its not till commercialiscm sneaks up on me to smack my in the face that I’ve got to make sure I see her and the rest of the family and get her a gift.  My tattooist is doing a flash day – Two Hands Tattoo on Ponsonby Road… for Mother’s day no less.  
My mother is tradition.. shes amazing and I love her but maybe not a tattoo for her this year..
Something more along the Mothers day vein. And if you really are stumped for a gift.. Visit  for ideas and vouchers for your amazing mother.  It seems just right coming from one Phlossy about another… so check it out and get something to pamper her!

Want to do something more personal?  This is BRILLIANT.. go to a antiques store or garage sale and pick up a vintage mug!  Bake cupcakes and pop them inside the mug as a present… Or get a “KeepCup” a recyclable cup in the shape of a disposeable coffee cup… they come in all sorts of colours!

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