Last Thursday I was invited to the Blomfield showroom to preview the MisteR Clothing 2013 Dynamic Duo Winter collection.  As a girl with a very high- femme style I went along with the preconception that these would all be clothes I’d like to see on a partner or date.

 Dapper gents, Androgynous creatures of all kinds, bois, butches and all ye gentle-types pay attention here:  You need this ON you!!
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I decided that I would be no good at modelling for Showroom snaps I just had to bring along the ultimate fashion accessory of my own!  Enter Dapper boi-friend as seen here in a MisteR Summer 2011/2012 Alex Jacket with amazing  and stylistic MusiQ Soulchild himself at Auckland’s own Town Hall.

Nothing like fashion previews and a glass of champagne on a Thursday afternoon! I Interviewed this andro MisteR Clothing fan here below for you.  The inside scoop on what to put on your wishlist!  NOW!

I was very excited to see what kind of designs MisteR Clothing are putting out for next year.  With their bold designs they’ve really taken up the challenge to out do their previous season.  
As always their designs jumped out at me, specially the fact that when you get me into a store I have the attention span of a goldfish. Then opening up the booklet, my eyes lit up with nerd light when I saw the Marvel and DC comic references. 
(Batman and The Avengers  I.e.The Riddler jacket which is deliciousness on Mr Ganganam -aka Denise) 
It really appealed perfectly to my inner geek!!

The designs are very andro friendly with a very soft but classy masculine feel, easy to slot into your existing wardrobe.  You can wear it looking classy or dress it down to look swag.  

My favourite piece outside of the suits was the simple but clever cluff-links. (Available NOW for you last minute Xmas shopping)  Made in silver they stand out even on a bold red Archangel or purple Storm cotton shirts. The brooch looks amazing clipped through a tie or jacket lapel.

After gushing over the Riddler bow-tie collection (specifically the Riddler and Marvel) I could have quite easily snuck them all into a pocket and slipped out of the Blomfield showroom (would have been totally obvious) fulfilling my bow-tie obsession!

The MisteR shoes are NZ made and cast off a vintage sneaker mold.  Although different to any thing in my current sneaker collection, the Riddler shoes make for an excellent addition.

MisteR were very nice and gave us one of their signature Scissor Brooches on leaving.  I think I’ll be adding the Storm Dress to my collection to go with it!! 

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